I tried really hard to not say anything about the situation yesterday since it was supposed to be Kelsey’s day. Now it’s a new day and I have some shit to say. It won’t be very nice and you can come at me for it all you want. I couldn’t care less if you do.
The whole situation about Michael is some complete and utter bullshit. You have no proof that he unfollowed that girl because she’s a poc or because she was fighting for pocs. It’s more likely for the tweet she made shit talking him, his fiancée, and their wedding.
This girl continued to talk shit about Crystal after she caused all this drama. So it’s more likely that he unfollowed her for the hate she was sending to people he loves. Use your brains people.
You may not think that certain words are offensive, but not everyone thinks that. Michael may be a famous person, but he is still a person. He still has feelings and he has the right to unfollow/block/report anyone he pleases just like we do.
Michael also doesn’t have to say anything about the situation. He has his justification and the fact that half the fucking fandom started attacking him out of nowhere is definitely overwhelming for him. Stop trying to force him to talk about it, he’s mourning the loss of a friend
If Michael decides to share his side, y’all best listen. You owe him that much. And if after his side is told, y’all start deleting your tweets and shit, you’re getting blocked and unfollowed. That’s toxic shit right there and there’s already enough of that on this app.
The fact that this all happened on Kelsey’s day is so fucking disgusting. You guys couldn’t have the human decency to respect Kelsey, her family, and the band during their time of mourning. And y’all can’t say you didn’t know what was happening, most of y’all have the purple pfp.
To everyone who is being petty and discrediting Michael’s follow on your account or putting 0/3, please either grow the fuck up or leave twitter. To everyone who is claiming that his silence is silencing pocs, please explain that to me cause I really don’t get it.
To everyone claiming that she’s getting punished for pointing out racism, that’s not what’s happening. She’s being “punished” for starting drama on a day that was supposed to be for the family member that we lost and for jumping to conclusions.
And to everyone who is saying that the band or one of the guys needs to speak up about the racism in the fandom. Them saying something won’t stop it. Everyone has their own beliefs and just because their idols say something against that doesn’t mean that they will change.
I hope that y’all realize that “cracker” is a slur. It doesn’t hold the same weight, but it’s still a slur. You’re not helping your case by using that term. The reason why people are defending him is cause he’s being wrongfully attacked. Innocent until proven guilty, heard of it?
Michael has always been a sweetheart and has never meant to hurt anyone. Would a racist spend his time like this? Do y’all really think that he’d change so suddenly? If so what’s your long jump record? Cause it’s gotta be pretty damn far when your jumping to conclusions like that https://twitter.com/kiilmytime/status/1253085486802972677
I thought we had more common sense than to jump to conclusions without hearing both sides of the story. Guess not. As someone who is newer to the fandom, it’s really sad that this is what the new fans have to come into.
If y’all don’t like my POV, unfollow me or block me. Again I couldn’t care less if you do. The fact that people aren’t actually thinking about the situation and are deciding that one side of the story is the absolute truth is infuriating.
Sorry if this is too hostile, but it the harsh truth. Thanks for coming to my TEDtalk and have a nice day🙂

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