Follow the release of the @HSRCza study on the the impact and awareness of the coronavirus amongst South Africans live here:
#HSRCsurvey #BackedByScience
The #HSRCsurvey #BackedByScience comes amidst the unprecedented spread of the #coronavirus across the world which necessitated that South Africa implement a #lockdown from 27 March to 30 April to impede the spread of the virus and the rates of infection.
The #HSRCsurvey was conducted in 2 waves. The first, conducted from 27-31 March looked primarily at awareness levels and knowledge about the virus. The second, conducted form 9 April – 16 April, looked at the impact of the lockdown on South Africa #BackedbyScience
The #HSRCsurvey was conducted on the #datafree @MoyaMessenger social media platform and reached 19 330 respondents #BackedbyScience
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