by @jeffgibbstc, @MMFlint, @OzzieZehner is a must-watch for anyone *really* caring for the #environment. For exposing uncomfortable truths behind so-called #greenenergy n well-meaning billionaires, humbly request to keep it free 1/n 🙏
The excellent documentary shatters many myths and strips away misinformation created by vested interests - #KochBrothers, @billmckibben (gasp!), e.g. - and puts a sharp focus on false #green prophets and the human illusions of infinite growth 2/n
The industrial cacophony is much louder than the voices of sanity. Thanks to @drvandanashiva for sharing her quick but sharp criticism of #biomass in #PlanetoftheHumans 3/n
We need a great many #RachelCarson and @GretaThunberg to spread awareness and get the right, earth-centered messages across in a world on the brink of collapse 4/n
For the first time I wish I had a few million listeners on @Twitter to share this thread and ask them to RT if they can...5/5 🙏
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