IMO there is no “we” that smartly survives while others die. So long as we have large groups refusing to engage in collective community care via hand-washing, social distancing & mask-wearing, essential workers will ALWAYS be at risk. There’s no outsmarting here.
While some of us have the privilege of staying home, of having access to PPE, testing, quality medical care, etc. many do not. Houseless & transient folks remain at risk when 1.5k ppl flood my city as well as every essential employee forced to interact with them.
It’s incredibly important that we do not moralize wellness in this moment. While protesters are begging to go back to work, others are being forced to work (& live) in unsafe conditions (to pay that rent they won’t cancel) & risk their health/life & their family’s as well.
Until people across the board & political spectrum understand that that the pandemic is a cooperative, not competitive survival moment, we will continue to lose people, to have waves of closures, spikes in death tolls, etc.
And again, that doesn’t mean we don’t have feelings about the people putting themselves & others at risk. We can be pissed as hell, but holding on to the idea that what they do won’t impact us if we are “smart” doesn’t help us figure out how to actually stay safe.
Actually surviving this without massive long term loss (from the virus directly as well as other social, emotional impacts) requires getting more ppl on board w/ community health safety practices & we don’t do that by calling them crazy idiots & wishing them death. 🤷🏾‍♀️
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