Meet Kang Yuchan, One of The Subjects of @WRTHcorp's First Batch That Barely Survived His Two Weeks Trial!
Disclaimer: This thread is not related to the real events or the real person (Kang Yuchan). It was made solely based from the writer's experience.
So hi — I should introduce myself first, right? I'm Yuchan, or probably you know me better as WRTHM:15. I'm one of the very first subjects of WRTHcorp. (I look good on my ID card, don't you think so?)
Anyway, moving on. I don't remember how I came across WRTH, but I definitely didn't regret applying as a subject. When my application got accepted and I met my fellow subjects for the first time, truthfully I felt scared of few things. I'm glad I managed to stay until the end.
Our theme was Reputation: Zero. You can read the better explanation below, but in short, we live in a society where our worth or reputation is based on rates we got from other subjects. (You must've read their website, right? Black Mirror reference, yup.)
In two weeks, we experienced so many tests. I only joined some of them, though. The first was based on prisoner's dilemma, the second one was based on hangman, and the third one was based on antiheroes.
On the first test, we acted as a team of prisoners that needed to get out from the jail. The team I was assigned to, San Junipero, won the second place. We were sentenced to ten years imprisonment. (And we were... Slow at finishing the last mission, so all teams waited for us...)
The second test was the most fun, in my opinion. We had to guess a word (or more) by playing hangman. I'm proud to say that I won this game along with some of the girls though I was dumb because they gave me clue on second to last question yet I failed to get the answer first.
I became Venom for the third test. Personally, I'm more to a main character person so at that time, I was confused which villain I should choose. In the end, I chose Venom because... Well... I just like the movie, that's all...
Now, the time for the last test has come. Drum roll, everyone!

Kidding. I want to talk about the rating system first before getting into the real deal. I said this last night but I really got stressed because of my rate. (I REALLY TOOK THAT SERIOUSLY... RIP.) It was fun, though!
When I said I'm gonna rate everyone (that I promised) with five stars, I really meant it. I even provided the screenshots haha... Seeing our ranks felt like participating on survival show for real.
And here goes final test... *nervous sweats*

We were divided into two teams; Team A (Alpha) and Team B (Bubbles). I wasn't there when they announced the team but I was assigned into Alpha. I really love my team! Here's what A/S/E said about our team.
I won't explain about the final test that much but honestly... It was both frustrating and fun. At first, we just played a simple game that needs speed and skimming talent. Who knows that it's actually related to THE real test? Eve passed a message and the clue was on the game.
And after that, the mess began... There were lots of spilled messages that eventually got deleted, and I messaged Stan, Adam, and Eve back and forth. IT WAS, QUOTE UNQUOTE, CONFUSING.
They argued about something on timeline and Stan just HAD to do this to me. Who told y'all to argue on timeline? 🤥👎.
And after all those mess... Eve hosted a game! I didn't join but before she hosted a game, I talked to her. These message were SO unlike her, heck.
The endgame was to find Eve a prototype of her body in form of account. Three accounts, in total. We were so close to winning the first one if it's not for the PHONE NUMBER... I wasn't there when my team talked about the second one so I didn't include that and we didn't know the
password of the third account, so. In the end, Eve was the bad person all along. 😑 I'm actually still in denial, though. How could she do that. (Eve if you see this I still love you.)

And I found this on my gallery, LOL.
If you stumble upon this thread and actually read this up to this point, thank you. And I'd like to say that joining WRTH is really worth the headache and lack of sleep. Me and Chaeyeon even had a dream about the event. At first I kinda felt intimidated with the members but
Adam, Eve, and Stan proved that they really had good eyes for picking members with galaxy brains. I really hope that for the next batch, all subjects are smarter than me... Haha... 😳 Here's the thing: literally everyone here learnt two religions in about two days. Such geniuses.
All the tests really exceeded my expectation and the plot twist in their story? Man, who's doing it like them, really. Since every batch will have different story and system I'm sure you won't experience the same thing as I did, maybe even better? Anyway, #WRTHFIXEDUNIT. 😍✌
I REALLY MADE A WHOLE DEDICATED THREAD FOR THIS. See you when I see you, I guess? Maybe on third batch? HAHA... 🤯🙏

This has been WRTHM:15, now signing out from the system! Enjoy your ride with WRTH.
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