Digital Marketing: Not all business need Website. 🍿🍿

The world is a global village, truly it is but we shouldn’t because of that tension ourselves because of that.

Most people only heard about digital marketing but don’t really know what it means, most people know what it
Means but don’t know how to go about it.

Let’s break it for you in this thread.
Over the years we have been hearing about digital marketing as the new gold mine of the future. But most people don’t still get the basics as they feel digital marketing ends only with website.
If I want to set up an e-commerce website for you I will charge at least #25,000 from my client, the real question there is how will you do your products catalog management and other site management? Another issue is no all small and medium scale business can afford this.
Here comes the trick to outmaneuver this and tap from the new goldmine.

One of the biggest and zero cost way to market your business online is through google my business, this has so many ways of placing your business on google for free
What Google My Business Does:
1. It place your business on google search engine for free.
2. It gives your business directories for customers to locate you through google map
3. It enables you display your products pictures
4. You have the chance to input your contacts and all
With this you don’t need a Website to get your business on google search.

On our next thread we will show how to set up google My business.
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