One of the things that gets me about TERFs spamming my notifications insisting I'm in the wrong when asking for more inclusive language when we talk #endFGM is the fact that they conveniently gloss over the fact that I was cut.
Fun fact: nonbinary folx and transmen live with the consequences of abuse too, even gender-based abuse, based on the gender they were assigned at birth. They don't identify with what they were assigned, but they were still cut. They were still subjected to a total violation
of their agency and bodily autonomy. It's still a violation of their human rights. They have as much of a stake in #endFGM as cis-women do. And not only do they deserve the same solidarity and resources, they deserve to speak their truth instead of being silenced.
I deserve to speak my truth instead of being silenced. Why should we have to choose between our identities as survivors and our gender? Why are we expected to condemn one to focus on the other? Inclusive language can ONLY help, not harm.
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