Are you really bothered about Kerala being credited for the work it has done?

I'll tell you why Kerala has done so much & deserves credit in tackling Covid-19 till today

Did you know that the first case of COVID-19 in India was reported in Kerala? (30-01-2020) ie 87 days ago.

So in the past 87 days, what has Kerala done? 

Kerala had the 3rd largest no.of international airlines travellers in January itself, just by numbers and not by the % of the population. 

Kerala is the 3rd among Indian states in Population density.
Kerala was always in the top 10 states in no.of tests being done per million population.
With just 2.04% +ve.

Compared to 7.39% in Delhi
Maharashtra - 7.06%
Gujarat - 6.35%
Rajasthan - 2.71%
TamilNadu - 2.27%
Kerala has a recovery rate of 73.96% & a death rate of 0.66%.

Kerala now has more recovered cases than active cases.
It has opened more than 1000+ community kitchens to feed the people of the state, more than 5919543 individuals were served.
Kerala is also delivering Free ration and Kits to all APL and BPL families.
A social volunteer force with a strength of 297519 has been set-up to assist the people. 
Making sure that there is enough internet speed so that people can work comfortably from home.
Kerala has been a true model for many states to learn.

Its humanitarian measures are worth mentioning.

I dedicate this to all the people who think that Kerala is being praised by foreign media due to their ignorance.
I think have missed out many points will keep on adding once I get them
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