I am sorry, but the govt has to accept their complete failure on the economic front. They had 2 months, to roll out massive reforms to attract investments, that would move from China

But what have they done? Zilch. They are sending recovery notices and proposals to increase tax.
Companies want to move to India, people want to come to India, but somehow, Indian babus don't want anyone to come to India.

The world keeps giving India a chance to redeem and come of age. But Indian babus look at it in the mouth and slap it away.
When I read that more companies moved to Taiwan and Vietnam, rather than India, I never felt more upset with this govt. Vietnam is officially a communist country, but they are schooling us in Capitalism.

I hope the PM and FM, wake up and roll some heads in the Finance ministry
They are responsible for a botched up GST, a labyrinth taxation structure, a reign of notice terror and total abdication of duty in difficult times

They haven't killed the golden goose. They have conducted a janamejaya type GooseSatra yagna, that kills all the geese in the world
And I am really sorry to say this, but our PM and FM, have been completely Humphrey Applebeed by the babus.

I never expected that from this team. I thought they were better.
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