I've been asked if I would convert some of my longer threads to html for readability. Generally I consider these to be lightweight things that I share freely to increase the visibility of my symphonic novels, which are my serious work.
I'm afraid that moving them out of tweet form might defeat that purpose by reducing their shareability. I also find that the more well-wrought and sophisticated threads, which would benefit from continuous presentation the most, are viewed the least anyway.
If there were sufficient interest I would write longer form prose and make it available through my website at a price, but at the time I don't believe enough such interest exists.
So for the moment, if you want to read the most polished and clear presentation of my creative efforts, I refer you to this thread. I will have a new symphonic novel coming quite soon and some vocal music later this year. https://twitter.com/JohnSanilac/status/1230571218018828288
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