Isn't the simple story this?
Cummings attended Sage.
Sage gave us "the science".
"The science" gave us eleven days in March between abandoning "track and trace" and lockdown.
Those eleven days gave us tens of thousands of deaths.
And counting.

Because to argue that Cummings' attendance at Sage - regarded as extraordinary by Sir David King - was normal, or even desirable, feels (at best) like a pretty hollow defence, given the desperate outcome for the British people.

Maybe Cummings influenced the committee's advice, or maybe he did not. (Reports say he dined out on "herd immunity", which suggests he did.) But either way, he was in the cockpit when the plane went down.

To spin that as a positive could only make sense if the story were that he was desperately trying to yank the controls away from a misguided flight crew. But that is emphatically not the suggestion.

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