I believe hoaxes that are being run by DNC and their puppets in MSM, from the Russia hoax to the fine people hoax to the "this virus is a hoax" hoax to this ridiculous "injection of disinfectant’ hoax, are neither results of TDS nor just a bitter rivalry between different ... https://twitter.com/d0wn_under/status/1254260789399023616
... parties in USA. You can just understand this effort as part of a grand scheme. It is part of CCP’s effort to dominate the world. Just this week two major stories broke, first EU cave in to the CCP’s pressure and retracted some elements from its report on #ChineseVirus ..
... outbreak which CCP’s leadership was not happy about, the second one was the story that I quoted in the first tweet of this thread. In the meantime MSM tries to distract you by attacking @POTUS and running ridiculous hoaxes over and over again. From my personal experience as..
... an Iranian when I see a bankrupted state like IRI can infiltrate USA institutions, find powerful allies in the USA think tanks and media, and put its operatives in MSM to control the media’s narrative about Iran, I don’t have a doubt that a rich and ambitious country...
... like China could act and have acted many times more powerful in the same direction. I believe the 2020 election is not an election between two USA parties, it is a battle between USA and CCP. So I see Biden as CCP’s presumptive nominee in this election. #Trump2020
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