Whilst here making BMLG & Carlyle look like crap as well as the American+Chinese treasury; I'll go ahead & point out Kanye's sales were an all time low, before they started picking on Swift. Seems a bit fishy when you consider that Kanye & Bieber's manager is Braun.🙃 #Disgusting
You can go ahead & follow the money trail of millions of $$ behind Carlyle's name; Or look up the thousands of deaths relating to wars tied to them. Or just realize that wartime death statistics are MUCH lower than realtime stats. After the wars, dozens of millions starve (Etc).
And just because of #sexism @ the #GRAMMYs & it's #Scandal w/ @debdugan (etc); You can enjoy this photo that took less than an hour to make & find 'content' for. Really #Lizzo , sinking into a white 'canvas' w/ 'Water Me'? So much for ' #godscountry'. lol🤣 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CV2x7ZJ7uj8ConAUSiHeYHCM1pRLxIqJ/view?usp=sharing#
Anyways, we #citizens are funding all of this, and then donating to feed the starving ones left after the bombs drop (etc). Soooo uhh, job well done supporting #evil & very wise spending choices everyone.🙄🙏
#KimKardashianOverParty #KanyeWestlsOverParty #ScooterBraunIsOverParty
I feel so bad for Taylor Swift. Good lord, she seems to have had to work w/ the devils incarnates. Losing her $330 million catalog might have been a small price to pay; Looks to me like she's lucky to be alive after working in the kind of 'business' they run. #WakeUpAmerica😥 #Sad
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