. @ShivSena MP & editor of @saamTVnews criticized @BJP4Maharashtra & @BSKoshyari in his Sunday column 'Roktok' for doing politics & creating instability in time of pandemic situation in Maharashtra. Governor should follow the constitution & approve the file forwarded by cabinet.
Raut said, @BSKoshyari should not violate the norms set by Indian constitution again & again by sitting on cabinet file of appointing @OfficeofUT as member of Upper House. It has been almost 15 day's but no decision has been taken by governor. This is lead instability in state.
Raut said @BSKoshyari violated guidelines of Indian constitution by giving oath to @Dev_Fadnavis as chief minister in early morning, now second time he should not repeat same mistake by not appointing @OfficeofUT as member of Upper House. People of Maharashtra will not tolerate
Correction it's @Saamanaonline not @saamTVnews . Thanks
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