I know the type to support the GNA. They:

- have no idea about the regional injustice dating back at least a hundred years
- they have no knowledge of Libyas history
- they usually havent been east of Musrata.
- they have no idea about Libya being created as federal state
- they have no idea that Libya became centralized, abolishing federalism consolidate wealth of which 80% is in the east, paving the way for gaddafi to take control of all ( he couldnt if it were federal.
- they have no idea about Ramadan swehli creating Italian puppet state the "republic of tripoltania" & going as far as fighting the senussi's, whom OMAR mukhtar was waging Jihad with against the Italians.
- they have no idea that their ancestors, 2 seat abdurrahman swehli, father of @LibyanIntegrity former head of the presidential council is helping creating the turkish puppet with his Misrata militia buddies. Heres a picture of both swehlis eating with our oppressors
What's happening with Libya today is a reoccurance of the traitorous swehli family & co who conspire against ALL OF LIBYA with criminals, terrorists, gangs, you name it they deal with them.

You don't have to support heftar, i don't, but we should acknowledge who our enemies are
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