« Yo brothers/fellas we gotta do better by our queens. Black women are beautiful. We gotta protect our queens. Ignore those clowns. Not all black men ».
This is as far as many of you go to ‘speak up’ for black women and it’s pathetic to say the least.
Even when some of you approach other black men who are violent towards black women or black LGBT people you still coddle them. The bar is so low that a black man can simply tweet “black women are beautiful” and get tons likes, RTs, and praise from black women.
And tomorrow when it’s time to really speak up for black women and hold toxic black men accountable, the very same ones that were praised yesterday will be at the frontlines gaslighting and insulting some of the same black women that praised them for doing the bare minimum.
I don’t speak up for anyone’s approval. Everything I talk about on my platform I do because I care. I have no ‘ulterior motives’ are some of you would want to so I can be dismissed. I simply use my voice to do the right thing when I see an injustice. It costs nothing to be decent
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