1. To all my friends and family who have often misunderstood my drive and self determination, I hope that #TheLastDance gives you more insight into my work ethic.
2. I started at Jordan Brand in 2001 as the first Black Design Industrial Design intern @nike and @Jumpman23 firsts Design intern.
6. And encourage me by praising my “Hard work”. At that moment I told myself, I’ll never align myself with people who only want to ride thecoat tails of others. I wanted to be with the “winners” and the “doers”. Not the “talkers” and the “observers”.
3. MJ didn’t make excuses. He was relentless with his work ethic and direct with his feedback. He didn’t want you to be great. Naw, he compelled you to want to be the greatest.
4. He would often tell me “Young Buck, you what do you have to lose? Go! You’re from the Chi! Take what’s yours.”
9. The moral of the story, I’ve worked for and with several of the 🐐’s of various sports and industries and what they all have in common is an insatiable desire to win. A lot people say they do, but they are more excited by the idea of winning vs the process of winning.
5. When I went to @StanfordGSB I wrote a letter to him and the Air Jordan, similar to how @common wrote a letter to Hip Hop. The greatest thing ever, was when MJ took the time to write me back, say a lot of things that I needed to hear...
7. In my time since leaving @Jumpman23 I’ve been blessed to use what he taught me over those 13+ years to improve the lives of my family, my community and for my own personal growth. I’ve had my run ins with sycophants and clout chasers...
8. However, I’ve been able to identify and maintain balance. Because when I was young, I wanted to “prove my point”. Now that im older and wiser I strive to “improve my point”.
10. So kids, if you’ve gotten this far in this thread...thank you. The key to MJ’s greatness is simple. The mind quits before the body does. Conquer your mind and you will go beyond your perceived limits. Limits, much like fear, is an illusion. #TheLastDance 🐐
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