1) Rise above the Fray!

That’s what’s on my heart right now. Stay with me as I brain dump.

Regardless if you Love, like, hate, despise, or feel indifferent to our President, you must Rise Above The Fray!
2) Regardless if you watch Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, OAN; read New York Times, Washington Post, Epoch Times, The Hill or Just The News, you must Rise Above The Fray!
3) The purpose of media is to attract and retain readers/viewers. Instill a sense of fear to keep you coming back. Journalistic Integrity flew the coop long ago, with the exception of a few good apples sprinkled in the abyss of information.
4) Don’t believe me? Just turn on your local news and tell me how many positive/uplifting vs negative/fearful stories you hear.

There is way to much negativity in this world on a daily basis. I’m a realist but that’s not a world I choose to live in.
5) Discernment or the ability to judge well is most important right now.

I believe in a collective consciousness, driven by my faith!
6) I had a great HR partner that taught me a valuable lesson when working in a very tough/high pressure/negative environment. He challenged me to do this every single day.....write it down....share it with someone.

3 positive things you did today!

Boom! Mind blown 🤯
7) When I’d pick my step-kiddos from school or when they came home I’d ask them “tell me something good about your day!”

It’s easy to focus on the negative but if you make the effort you will see the positive, amazing, life changing moments happening all around you.
8) Today, my wife & I had the blessing of an opportunity to help a women that left an abusive relationship. She has a 5 yrs old daughter & she is starting over completely & with nothing.
9) We gathered bedding, bath, toys, kitchen items etc. She needed it all. We loaded her car up, gave her some money to fill her tank up. Praise the Lord for the opportunity to help someone who needed kindness & Love right now.

Rise Above The Fray!
10) Do something today, tomorrow, this week, this month to create positivity. It’s good for the soul. It’s what we are built to do.
11) There is going to be bad news, there is going to be tough times. But weathering the storm is a heck of a lot easier with positivity, prayers & good vibes all around. Lift each other up, pray for each other!

Let’s Rise Above the Fray together!
12) I’ll be praying for all of you. Please pray for me & my family.

I’ll see you out there!

- Seth

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