This excellent review of #PPE evidence supports the "3 tier" approach in our COVID PPE #guidelines

The 3rd tier is NOT currently mentioned in Aus guidelines yet widely practiced.
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Given there is no evidence that the recommended Tier 2 PPE protects staff performing the “highest risk” AGPs (i.e. emergency intubation) + Tier 2 has failed before + scientific basis for inadequacy, it is reasonable that Tier 3 should be strongly considered for those procedures.
Our critical care colleges ( @anzics @acemonline @ANZCA) and @amapresident should collaborate to issue guidance re Tier 3 #PPE to protect their members - what to use and when. There is currently v. varied Tier 3 practice across institutions that needs rationalised standardisation.
. @anzics @acemonline @ANZCA and @amapresident your members are rendered powerless to advocate for Tier 3 precautions (just for the “highest risk” AGPs) as your guidelines currently thwart them by not mentioning this. Please protect your members with updated #PPE guidelines.
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