In December 1992, the Washington Post (the one that always gets better scoops than the NYTimes even if the NYTimes does a better job at laying out the facts) published a story about a powerful junior Senator who was touching women wrong.
This Senator was also known as a stanch ally to the women. He spearheaded major feminist priorities. He also voted against Clarence Thomas. Dianne Feinstein even supported him!
His name was Robert Packwood. A Republican from Oregon who resigned in disgrace after 19 women came forward with credible allegations of sexual harassment and the Senate Ethics Committee chaired by #MoscowMitch voted to expel him.
He often would grab women, shove them against something, and stick his tongue into their mouths. Many of the women he did this to were trying to help him win office. Like Gena Hutton, who was running his campaign in Lane County, Oregon.
In one incident, a 21-year-old woman named Paige Wagers (a mail clerk) had a painful experience in 1975 where Packwood grabbed her and kissed her forcefully in his office. She left in tears. Eventually she found other jobs.
Then came 1981. In that year, when they were walking though the capital basement, he pushed her into an empty office and did the same thing. She said “I wasn’t even human to him. I was like a dog, someone who couldn’t possibly have feelings.”
Many years later, after a thorough examination of what Packwood did, #Moscow Mitch had this to say:
Dianne Feinstein, reminding me that she needs to retire in 2021, said this:
This was on the day he resigned, September 8, 1995. He became a lobbyist and has lots of money. 🤬🤬🤬
What is fascinating is that #MoscowMitch once claimed to have honor. In the Senate trial of Bill Clinton, he said this:
*narrator’s voice* It turned out that no, #MoscowMitch never really had honor but he also was willing to get rid of a problem Senator while refusing to get rid of a fucking problem President.
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