Andrew Cuomo plans to slash New York's budget by $10 BILLION. This is going to cripple counties across the state. Cuomo has pursued no revenue raisers to attempt to close even some of the shortfall. Austerity is here.
Federal aid could make some of the cuts less severe. But Cuomo will try to do the large majority of them anyway. It's his chance to be the austerity governor he has always wanted to be.
Those that inflated Andrew Cuomo's reputation during the COVID-19 crisis should spend some time talking to all the people who are about lose their jobs.
Let me be clear: stuff should get cut. There is bloat and waste in the state budget. Cuomo has economic development boondoggles and the MTA wastes money. But Cuomo is trying to cut far deeper, crippling school aid and social services
Austerity is a downward spiral because cuts just put large amounts of people out of work during an economic crisis. Demand falls. Recovery slows.
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