Today donald finds himself in thick forest. No sign of the path upon which he arrived is visible. The sun is setting, bringing with it all the days before and an onslaught of darkness. He can hear it, the sound of night shutting the doors to the forest, the turning of the locks
He knows he should be doing something but instead he is frozen. Fear has seized his muddied shoes, rooted them in the ground. It is pooling by his feet, growing slowly but evenly like moss from the forest floor up his trembling legs and down his sunken shoulders into his lungs.
He is no longer the cornered animal, dangerous and formidable. He is the wounded animal, trying desperately to hide the scent of his fear. Oh to be the cornered animal again, to have others to lash out at. Instead he is laid bare before the entire forest as the night closes in.
It’s getting dark. All around him he can hear the sounds of the “natives” doing their makeup, sharpening their claws as they prepare for the big party. The forest is alive, and it is hungry. donald can hear it, and he knows. He knows that all he can do is wait for the inevitable.
All that is left is to wait, the adrenal gland prohibiting exhaustion from allowing sleep to fill the void between the present and the end. Because donald *planted* this forest of his demise. He knows better than anyone the infinity of branches that now wait to ensnare him.
He knows how many wolves he’s abandoned in this very forest. He knows somewhere in the forest there is bear or two, because he invited them thinking it would bring him power. But now, in this great expanse of darkness he can only watch, the moss spreading, fear his only companion
And just below the moss, crawling beneath the forest floor are #We, and there are MiLliOnS of us. We send scouts to the surface to check on the progress of his demise. Once he has been ravaged by the animals, we will descend on his carcass and DEVOUR him. November is so far away
Take heart. We will have the last word. 🕸
@100FrogLegs, start at the top, you’ll feel better. When you get down here.
@ericgarland, if you have a chance have a look. It is because of folks like you, @LincolnsBible, the #PAMFAM, etc that the above will come to bear. In a time when both government and the media abandoned us, a slew of patriotic citizens filled an epic void w epic megathreads✊❤️
@Deaf2Cheka ☝️ till you get here. 💕
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