Patriots Draftee Justin Rohrwasser Explains Why He Has a 3 Percenter Tattoo Which Represents a Far-Right Militia White Supremacist Group; Do You Buy His Explanation? (Pics-Tweets) 
Did ESPN include this in Justin's "What to Know" Graphic?

Also, are we to believe that at no time in this guy's entire life no one told him what that tattoo and the 3percenters represented until today?

That is what they want you to believe.. 
Hey @Xjrowex16 congrats on being drafted by Pats. Had some follow up questions.

1- When & how did you first learn about 3 percenters?

2- Why did you feel so strongly to get tat of that group

3- No one ever told you what they repped & you never googled? 
Patriots kicker Justin Rohrwasser says he has had his white supremacist 3 percenter tattoo since he was a teen. At some point he claims he figured out what it stood for & did nothing about it, but now has decided to cover it after being drafted 
I am just trying to understand @Xjrowex16 are your tattoos "random" like you said in 2019 or did you know exactly what you got and now are deciding to cover it up? Math not adding up 
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