💡THREAD: It's been 1 year since Joe Biden announced he was running for President.

He's forgotten a lot of things since then... but the internet remembers.

Take a walk down memory lane…
Joe Biden forgot the name of his own policy plan, calling it “Make Work” instead of “Make it Work.” So close!
Joe Biden forgot the name of the coronavirus.
Joe Biden forgot he was running for President and told a crowd he was a candidate for the U.S. Senate.
Joe Biden forgot when the Obama-Biden administration was actually in office! It was not in 1976 like Joe thought.
Joe Biden forgot the word “equal” in the Preamble of the Declaration of Independence.
Joe Biden forgot the G7 was not the G8.
Joe Biden forgot the Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, was not Dale Wolf. Dale Wolf was the Governor of Delaware in 1993.
Joe Biden forgot Super Tuesday was on a Tuesday, not a Thursday.
Joe Biden forgot how many grandkids he has. He has 7.
Joe Biden forgot the name of Chinese President Xi Jinping.
Joe Biden forgot he was Vice President for 8 years, saying he became a professor at the University of Pennsylvania after leaving the Senate.

He was also never a professor…

Joe Biden forgot what the Defense Production Act was called immediately after citing it.
Joe Biden forgot to secure http://todosconbiden.com  before launching his Latino coalition.
Joe Biden forgot that Obama, not Bush, was the last President.
Joe Biden forgot what state he was in.
Joe Biden forgot what state he was in. Again.

While in New Hampshire he said: “I’ve been here a number of times… what’s not to like about Vermont…”
Joe Biden forgot what state he was in. AGAIN.

He told an Iowan, in Iowa: “you are in the state of Ohio.”
Joe Biden forgot Barack Obama’s name
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