Been thinking a lot abt (& discussing) productivity, "busy-ness," & how both are revered in American culture as an indicator of "importance."

I've never liked that when I say "My life is insanely busy right now." It's usually met with a variation of "Good for you."
Is it really?
By the time I say it, my schedule has spun out of control.

I feel "important" whn I'm can practice self-care enough that I'm able to effectively look out for family/ close friends.

I don't feel important whn the ppl & things that matter most are @ bottom of the list. Bc "busy."
I didn't realize that not everyone lives this way until I started traveling.

Now that I have time at home to slow down and carefully consider some of my practices, I'm able to think more about the role that radical #selfcare needs to play in my life, going forward.

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