The day when Hindu Saints were massacred at vijay chowk.

Perpetrator: Indian National Congress

Date: 7 November, 1966

Number: Estimated 5000 Hindus massacred

Indira Gandhi is one of the most well known late Prime Ministers of India.
It is bizarre that though she is so well known, her crimes against Hindus are known by a select few.
The campaign was started on behalf of the anti-cow slaughtering law by hindu saints mainly, swami karpatri ji.
Indira Gandhi government deployed an estimated 5000 buses and military trucks to remove all eyewitnesses of the genocide to the outskirts of Delhi, so that the news of the genocide was contained, and no sources of information readily available.
A journalist, Man Mohan Sharma, nevertheless gave a statement later that even evidence of the genocide was destroyed by the Indira Gandhi government.
The Home minister Gulzari lal nanda resigned from his post.
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