i’m finally done with tharntype and here are my thoughts: it was point-blank problematic. the sexual harassment in the first few episodes, to type being homophobic, to tar’s r*pe. the issues were just sidelined and weren’t really addressed properly.
you can say that type’s homophobia was caused by his childhood trauma but it wasn’t resolved and we’re supposed to be okay with that because he’s dating tharn? he never apologized to his childhood friend for his thoughtless remarks
and then tharn never really apologized to what he did to type in the first couple of episodes. not to mention lhong having planned tar’s r*pe and didn’t get the punishment he deserved.
i’m sorry i really tried liking it and it had its moments but it wasn’t really it. not an expert on thai BLs but i won’t recommend this to anyone, gay or otherwise. it’s triggering and not the right representation for a healthy gay relationship
terribly disappointed because a lot of people have been hyping it up, and i saw that it got (undeservingly) high rating on mydramalist. kudos tho to mew and gulf because their acting was good and they had a lot of chemistry. okay end of thread. on to the next BL series.
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