1. Recognize that just as there are different types of food, there are different types of screen time.

2. Determine which uses of your screens = essential & in what amount.

3. Think of your “free” time as being divided into three categories: consumption, creation and connection
4. Monitor your own mood (& your children’s moods) while you are on screens.

5. Recognize the signs of “stress-scrolling.”

6. Create a list of off-screen activities that make you feel good. —> For me, this is art + reading 🖼📚

7. Try not to start and end your day with screens
8. Identify your goals & priorities.

9. Create boundaries.

10. Remember that you’re more than a head sitting on a body.

11. Take regular breaks.

Thanks again to @nytimes for the tips. It is good to be mindful of ours activities during this #pandemic. Cheers & #HappySaturday🥰
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