I am getting increasingly angry with Sena supporters peddling crap that numbers in Maharashtra are more because Maha is testing more. Do they even realize what tumbled out of their mouth?

And then they are poking fun at GoI stopping Rapid Tests!!!
These people must understand that their party run govt has fucked Mumbai with some of the best medical facilities in India beyond recognition. THERE IS TOTAL CHAOS IN THE MEDICAL FRATERNITY. Hence the "Ban" on Medical Fraternity from expressing their views.
Home Quarantine was never going to work but the Geniuses at Govt of Maharashtra did the very same thing. Food and Civil Supplies are in total mess. Police stretched beyond their limits still the idiots refused CRPF deployment.
Sample this : They keep people under "Home Quarantine" in Dharavi wherein Residents use a "Common Toilet"!!!! This is the level of Xutiyap in Mumbai. IMCT told BMC move 3000 people to Institutionalized Quarantine.
Metro Region

Dombivli saw some cases and guess what patients had to wait for hours for an ambulance to take them to Kasturba Hospital in Mumbai.

Dombivli part of KDMC has full fledged Municipal hospital but that was not identified as a centre.

After this they authorized it
The mismanagement is mind boggling. The Govt of Maharashtra has no clue on whats happening.

Else they should investigate how Worli became a cluster of infections.

Mumbai is not just a state capital but it is the financial capital for India.

Hope Maha Govt remembers it.
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