2/ Written by someone w/a lot of experience in fighting global pandemics, it argues for *taking the offensive* against this virus.
S.Korea has done this, as has China-successfully, w/a 5-prong approach: social distancing, contact tracing, testing, isolation, and treatment
3/ Now, additional countries in Asia & Europe are employing this strategy—and now in the US, MA, NY and NJ are implementing this as well.
This requires investment: in intrastructure. & a plan to link testing with contact tracing & quarantine-and-treat.
4/ It also requires ALL of us-supporting & aiding those who need to be quarantined.
But I keep seeing over and over so many people who want to help-who are looking for ways to fight #COVID19.
People have recognized that we are all in this together; & we need to support each other
5/What is also great is the collaboration & acceleration of science. And, as . @trvrb outlines in this thread, this has allowed amazing opportunites to significantly increase testing in this country. https://twitter.com/trvrb/status/1253880780830326786?s=20
6/ This *absolutely* can be done; and states can look to each other for help, as each state is in a different place in their curve, w/different challenges & opportunities.
We’ve been behind at every step in this pandemic. Let’s step up & kick it’s ass.
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