STOP dog piling nonautistic black folk for trying to intigrate &/ uplift autistic family/loved ones/clients.

Black folk don't have as much access to autism acceptance OR awareness.

Yeah, we have our own issues with disability but when folk try that's a huge step.
For Example:

A few days ago I was made aware that a small business owning black mother to a newly diagnosed autistic child created a makeup pallet in the shape of a heart and decorated puzzle peices to celebrate her son & raise awareness on autism.

It was sweet.
Her & her business was dog piled.

White autistics flooded her account, supposedly encouraged by a very influential autistic leader.

As If She Would Have Known that the puzzle peice could be a trigger.

She was accused of "profiting off of autistm" & ignoring autistics when very
little people were giving her the resources to understand the problem or the time to process what was going on. When, again, this was something ment to be out of love for her newly diagnosed autistic son whom she obviously cherishes.

This Is Inappropriate Behaviour
It took the longest time to process through this to post b/c this isn't the 1st time something like this has happened. This is a pattern.

That's why I don't vibe w people who get frenzied over the puzzle peice. Y'all get swept up in mob mentalities too easily. Work that ish out.
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