1/ “Although they give the appearance of spontaneous demonstrations by angry citizens, in fact they have largely been organized by conservative activists.”- @YahooNews @ap
2/ “Protests across the Midwest were driven by Facebook💀groups created by the Dorr family of conservative activists. Ben Dorr is the leader of the organization Minnesota Gun Rights and along with brothers Chris and Aaron, promoted Facebook groups protesting the guidelines.”-YN
3/ “Wisconsinites Against Excessive Quarantine was created on by Ben Dorr. Chris Dorr is the creator of Pennsylvanians Against Excessive Quarantine as well as Ohioans Against Excessive Quarantine. Aaron Dorr is the creator of New Yorkers Against Excessive Quarantine.”- @YahooNews
4/ “The Dorrs, along with their father, Paul, have been been active in a number of political battles over the years, ranging from taking strong pro-gun and anti-abortion stances to fighting public school referenda in Iowa.”- @YahooNews
5/ “A protest in Texas was broadcast by InfoWars..The site has been banned from a number of platforms and involved in lawsuits.. Alex Jones must pay $100,000 to parents of victims of Sandy Hook shooting.. @US_FDA told Jones to stop promoting scam coronavirus therapies.”- @YahooNews
6/ “InfoWars announced its plans for a second rally this Saturday, writing on its website, ‘Show the globalists..WHO and the CDC, that they can’t suspend freedom in America and force us to wear face masks like the people in China, from whence the Wuhan coronavirus originated.”-YN
7/ “The protests received support last week from Trump, who issued an all-caps tweet calling on followers to ‘LIBERATE’ Michigan, Minnesota and Virginia, all states with Democratic governors seen as potential swing states in November’s presidential election.”- @YahooNews
8/ “‘To have an American president* encourage people to violate the law—I can’t remember any time in America where we have seen such a thing,’ said @JayInslee. ‘It is dangerous because it can inspire people to ignore things that actually can save their lives.’”- @YahooNews
9/ So this is a rerun. We’ve seen all this before. And it looks like the media is suffering from short term memory loss. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1151882723104980992
10/ 2016, Russians and “conservative activists” paying rubes. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1151883297162575873
11/ Fake rallies, real ignorance. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1151889152708771841
12/ So curious that tax deadbeat and funder of data mining thieves, Cambridge Analytica , Robert Mercer is writing big checks again as the infowars heat up. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1252146820265897985
13/ We can learn from our own recent history. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1151852356297904128
14/ I get it, truly. Trump owes money to really bad people. He will be prosecuted for innumerable crimes once he no longer has presidential immunity. Along comes a pandemic, and he can’t use his bigot revivals to keep coffers flush. He’s going bonkers. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1211481839602286592
15/ Keep applying sunlight. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1177263098006126594
16/ Truth is our life-raft. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1248998061231099904
17/ Every peel back reveals grift. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1253946763909541888
18/ We need injections of truth, 24/7. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1251035796485795840
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