A thread on my thoughts regarding toxic history of canceled culture that originated a whole decade ago: Think power structures. Think wealth. Think who has got their reputation damaged in the media for years. In my opinion Brittney, Lindsay, MJ, Bieber, Demi, Taylor, Miley etc.
What do they all have in common? Well wealth, singing, grew up in the industry, power across large audiences. What happens when one wants more power they try to “cancel them” how do they do that? These so called elites go and damage their reputation in the media.
So we have these elites that control the media, that means they have the freedom to say what they want and what pictures to post. Why would you want to damage their reputation in the media? Well us non celeb humans see the media we read it all. As soon as that headline pops up.
It’s obvious humans are going to be more engaged in reading something bad so the media uses a negative rehroic to persuade their audience aka us to believe the story but we never get to personally hear the artists side of the story b/c they are controlled, have restricted rights
These artists in the industry are silenced. What about freedom of speech? That is not allowed unless you agree to the social norms by the elites. Sounds like the handmaids take and the giver right? How Ironic because Weinstein was one of the producers of the Giver.
So these artists have restricted freedoms. Why is the media putting false stories that makes these artists look crazy? To cover up their own own crimes that these elites have been creating for years. This correlates with “cancel culture” But how?
It causes “cancel culture” because of a artists has a negative article in the media the human brain automatically goes that person is canceled and it spreads like a disease. Parents aren’t going to want their kids listening to their music, people aren’t going to listen the music
One the media labels the person as “canceled” their reputation is destroyed. The media is that powerful the people behind the media are that powerful and evil. It’s sad b/c there’s always two sides to every story but our society has been so brain washed we don’t realize how toxic
Now this artist is “canceled” because of a trashy scandal that occurred but what if it was not their fault? What if their mind is controlled? What if you realized their could be more to the story? The media is limiting us to know the truth? Is the artist not allowed to truth?
MKUltra look it up it’s real it’s code for mind control. It goes back when Walt Disney was around. Walt Disney was connnected to the CIA and many other evil tactics in the industry. Look that up too. Ironic all these artists were tied to Disney.. What if Disney controled the news
So you have Disney controlling the news. They want all these stars to have clean image on camera. Once you don’t apply by “their” way of life/social norms aka too wealthy/powerful the elites “cancel them” why are they not allowed individuality/freedom thought/love?
Why are the elites allowed to control who they love, what they say, what they think? To gain power. To gain control. Greed. Wealth. Why is this all done behind the scenes? To make the elites look good? Who gets all the awards? Who gets the most praise in the media?
Not saying all of Hollywood is bad. There are elites in the industry that have been sexually abusing, emotionally abusing, using mind control, covering up their own crimes. What better way to hide a crime than put out a scandal of an innocent artist that people look up to. Think.
It’s heart breaking to read it all but it’s out there. I don’t know everything no one knows everything besides the artists.People are thinking for theirselves. They are thinking outside the box. It can be uncomfortable but it can save lives.
With the cancel culture the other day with Selena and Demi that was done by fan but it still had the impact of going viral b/c the content. Demi’s been canceled before in the haters mind she’s an easy target. Which is toxic and degrading. These artists are human first.
These artists are all someone’s sister/brother, child, mother, aunt/uncle, lover etc. so what if it was one of your family members getting “canceled” cancel culture is correlated with anxiety depression and more. We should only be canceling criminals. Enoughs enough.
Watch Out Of The Shadows to learn more info and meaning behind this thread. Have some empathy for these artists. They all are talented in their own ways/ gone through a lot They all may be famous but at the end of the day they are human too❤️ #DarkToLight #GreatAwakeningWorldwide
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