A detailed dive into the biased mess that is Michael Moore's "Planet Of The Humans" exposing the MANY things wrong with it.

Which has been pulled by its distributor FYI and is only available on YouTube.🤔

Thanks to @BatcaveSlimer for the link. #GreenEnergy #SUstainableSolutions https://twitter.com/KetanJ0/status/1253805911665188864
More threads getting into why Moore's film's a slap in the face to climate activists, green activists and anyone concerned with objective facts over sensationalism:



All Moore did was hand ammo to science deniers and their trolls.
This thread by the excellent Zeke Hausfather @hausfath looks at why trolls and science deniers use the "It was made with fossil fuels!" distraction to attack renewable energy:


Note the trolls in the thread and what tactics they use. 🤔 #ClimateTip #TT_Tip
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