Webs Maps and Graphs 📊

Warning ⚠️ this 1 is gonna be a beastly thread. Brace yourself! 🤣
Barrack Gold Corporation
Mark Molloch-Brown
Children's Investment Fund Foundation
Technology of Total Access
Ugly Web Of An Attempted Coup
David Harrison Gilmour
Elon Musk
CEO Mass Resignations (needs updated)
Political Exodus
Ian O Cameron
Peter Munk
Barrack Gold Corporation
What is the Sequence of Events in the Criminal Justice System?
How I create & Manipulate the world you see...
Deep State
How do the pieces fit?
What is Sedition?
Social Media =...
Deep Dream
Lemmings (click to read)
Peter Munk
Nathaniel Red Shield(not putting That name)
Oleg Deripaska
Valerie Jarrett
MF Global Holdings Ltd
NK nukes
Priorities USA Action
Schmidt Family Foundation
11th Hour Project
Wendy Schmidt
Amy J Rao
Sergey Brin
Is it Gannett or?
Teneo Holdings LLC
Tides Foundation
Vernon E Jordan Jr
NK nukes
Adrenal Glands
Boys and Girls Clubs of America
Charles E Schumer
Body Count
Emmett J Rice
Gannett Co. Inc
Hermeneutic loop
World of Secrets 🤫
Iris Weinshall
McKinsey and Company
John D Podesta
2016 vote
Will add moar as I find em. I have many more in my gallery. 😂
Loop Capital
Stairway to Heaven
I know it's not a graph, but it is a brutal ugly truth.
This needs changed! 🤬
Within this thread is a lot of dots...

Connected. 😏 if I lose my account again. You'll know why.
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