There is a time to unpack unawareness, and there is a time to converse.

But it seems like everytime autistic/disabled BIPoC converse, we almost instantly have to also unpack unawareness or just tune out completely.

We shouldn't have to almost hide in order to have these convos.
This is why whe tell folk

Don't👏🏾 bump👏🏾 in👏🏾 when were having conversations within our BIPoC intersections unless otherwise communicated.

But then advocates such as @Imani_Barbarin, @twitchyspoonie, and so many others get dragged just for having conversations that make sense
for us to have

@BeingKaylaSmith --who is a phenomenal black autistic advocate -- got mad dragged Just For Being Black & Autistic, & For Speaking Advocationg On Things That Are Reflected By That. All in the name of "you're breaking up the autistic community" & also direct racism.
Because the very idea of black autistic/disabled experiences being highlighted feels out of place for M A N Y white autistics/disabled folk.

This is abuse.

We just trying breathe, exist, & process as ourselves.
This is why we end up making our own spaces. But then white folk cry out "segregation" in the most missed context kind of ways.

It's👏🏾 Not👏🏾 Segregation👏🏾
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