People talk about how this is a time to reimagine teaching and schooling, yet when teachers attempt to do that, we are belittled, shamed, gaslighted. We aren’t doing enough, we aren’t doing it right. 1
What seems like just one more thing isn’t really additive, but exponential. It’s unseen by the masses because that’s the nature of an educator’s work. Only visible to us, and now our families, who often pay the price. 2
Reimagining and creating something new when inertia is a thing can result in retaliation. Just as before. But even more now. Speaking up has always had a heavy price. Those consequences are magnified now. Times a hundred. 3
Slow down. Listen. Ask. Receive. And do this in community. My fellow educators and I are not doing well. We’re giving all that we have. End of rant. 4/4
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