Hey everyone! So for those that don't know me, my name is Ashley Walker. I'll be discussing different pathways into space sciences and space science careers. @STEMiAfrica #GAM2020 #BridgingAfrica #STEM #InspiringtheFuture
Growing up, I was always interested in space! As silly as it sounds, I wanted to be a moon and then I wanted my parents to buy me star out of the sky. My uncle brought me a telescope. I spoke with @AdlerPlanet here in the US about it: https://soundcloud.com/storiesfromtheyouniverse/episode-2-ashley-walker
I'm considered a nontraditional student. This would mean I didn't take the traditional route of college. I went to junior college (a 2 year institution)....and honestly, it took me longer than two years in addition to working and taking care of ill loved ones. @STEMiAfrica
I honestly didn't know what I wanted to do. I was watching a TV show and BAM! I wanted to become a forensic chemist! Now, I was REALLY sold on becoming a forensic scientist so much that I would try to get an internship at my local morgue.
Shortly after, I was awarded at scholarship at @ChicagoState! I FINALLY transferred out of the junior college and was more interested in my African heritage and the nights sky! #GAM2020 #BridgingAfrica #STEM #InspiringtheFuture
These two intersections helped me become who I am today! I had NO CLUE about astrochemistry until I took a basic astronomy course and inquired about it. I even wrote an english paper on Black holes and Astronomy's history from the Africa Diaspora.
There's different pathways that you can take to do space sciences. You can be an artist and become an astronomer. This is what makes us ALL unique. @STEMiAfrica #GAM2020 #BridgingAfrica #STEM #InspiringtheFuture
You can also use your expertise to become a science communicator as well! Science communication is AMAZING! As of right now, science and the WORLD needs us! #GAM2020 #BridgingAfrica #STEM #InspiringtheFuture
When I first started giving talks, I was extremely nervous but I had the help of @JedidahIslerPhD and @shaka_lulu guiding me.
Science communication can come in SO MANY different forms. I do science communication for those that look like me!
My science communication LEAD me to give the commencement speech for my graduation! @STEMiAfrica
But there are other careers too! Space sciences are so broad that you cam also go into industry and become a data scientist! @STEMiAfrica #GAM2020 #BridgingAfrica #STEM #InspiringtheFuture
Most people assume because you are a space scientist that you want to work at a space agency. Yes, that's partially true but there A LOT of transferrable skills that you can use in other careers as well. You can also work at a planetarium. @STEMiAfrica
Working at a planetarium is cool because you get a chance to be apart of a lot of amazing projects and shows!!! I typically partner with America's first planetarium @AdlerPlanet! @STEMiAfrica #GAM2020 #BridgingAfrica #STEM #InspiringtheFuture
As I'm closing out this thread and opening up for questions, there's so many different ways to get into space sciences. All you have to do is believe in YOU! @STEMiAfrica #GAM2020 #BridgingAfrica #STEM #InspiringtheFuture
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