Dear Upcoming Artiste,

You're human first, making music doesn't immunize you from the NEED to work on other areas you're probably not good at but are however important to your career.

I'll tell you what I mean, as it gives me concern.
If you're not that social media savvy, it's not always enough to throw caution to the wind with the "it's not my thing/person" excuse.

A lot of Artistes use this as an avenue to not work on anything about themselves apart from making music.
Here's my thing, we as humans learn new things everyday. We strive to acquire more knowledge per time to attain certain level. We read, do professional courses, try hands on new things just to be better at our job or so.
You'll see people acquiring knowledge in fields they're not neck-deep in from time, just to boost their skill-set and enable for better opportunities.

People take professional courses after many other certifications just to enable better grasp and execution of their job or so
So, why do artists feel like you're trying to puncture them into what "they're not", when you tell them to LEARN how to use social media or certain new things?

Why really?
TBH, I think that "it's not my person" excuse is tired as social media is now an important part of your career; it makes the job easier a bit. So, why do you think being an artiste immunizes you from learning new things - like this one?
Many of us won't have a shot at what we're into presently if we felt "it's not my person", going by our educational background or so.

It's fine if you're not so great with social media, the problem lies when you don't feel the need to be better and waiting for a "dream team"...
to take it up. Not everyone of you will be that lucky.

A number of people who are the music business in Nigeria really had to LEARN and STUDY what's required of thriving in the industry.
Going by the present landscape, you'll see some music business players now trying to understand Tech, AI and the likes. honestly, for many of us, it's not exactly our thing but it must be done.
Really, it's not always fun but you need learning per time to keep ahead of the curve.

It's just a human thing!!! This is applicable in EVERY industry.

So again I ask, why do Artistes feel they don't need to exist anywhere/anyhow else apart from the studio?
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