3/What’s so exciting about Antarctica, that everyone got all bothered to go there? Lot’s of speculation, but we’ve been there a long time! Meet Admiral Byrd! One of the smartest, American explorers you’ve never heard of!
4/Admiral Byrd led three expeditions between 1928 - 1938. Pretty standard explorer stuff until Task Force 68 and later Operation High Jump. Two incredible tales arose from those. One, that his entire fleet was attacked and decimated by saucer craft.
5/And 2, that he had flown into a giant hole in the ice and seen an inner Earth civilization. It’s rather famous and has a following. They call it Agartha. The only reason it gets any credence at all is because of the Byrd testimonial.
6/Why was he there in the first place? Supposedly, to investigate the nazi bases where it was rumored they had ufo technology because Hitler had made contact with an alien race.
7/It was always fascinating to me that Hitler promoted Aryans as the master race, yet he was not. Converesly, he was obssesed with killing God’s chosen people.
Odd right?
He also had a fascination with the occult that carried throughout nazi culture.
8/Many of these nazis we learned about earlier this week. Do we 🐸s know of any nazis who ended up in America?
9/So, not to be outdone, Eisenhower has his own contact meeting. Not with just one set of aliens, but two!
11/Here we have Betty and Barney Hill who were the most famous abductees from 1961. Extremely credible.
The were also a brave inter-racial couple before it was cool! Very brave indeed!
12/Thousands of people. It was huge. It attracted researchers. One man, Joe Jordan interviewed most of them. After thousands of hours, he came to one conclusion, and it was a doozy! Atheist Joe had found that an alien abduction immediately stops when one calls out to Jesus!
13/So he became a Christian and the head of Mufon.

See from 5:38 of this vid
14/Which leads to the story of Enoch! My favorite! A story removed from the Bible. Found in the Dead Sea scrolls. Enoch tells the story of the fallen angels. And of travels through space with God. Great stuff! Fun documentary on Enoch.
17/ So if there are wicked dimensional beings which run from Jesus, the Jesus is interplanetary. If there are wicked forces, possibly in Antarctica, is it toed to Enoch’s fallen angels?
Well, let’s look at evil again briefly. This week we learned of Pindar, bloodlines and Windsor
18/Pindar, the top of the Illuminati bloodline pyramid! The closest to pure reptillian genetic code. An Aryan! A what? That’s right, an Aryan. See the Hitler deal now?
So where is the House of Windsor? I only know of the whereabouts of Harry, who would do anything to be a vampire
19/So during the time Rumsfeld and Co. were stealing that $2.3 trillion dollars for dark budget stuff and personal gain, we got some cool stuff. Bob Lazar told us! Just that the serfs aren’t allowed to use it, or know of it. Just pay for it, please, or will blow your buildings up
20/Which brings us to today. Could it be that Trump and the Patriots are taking out and evil ET presence? Here since Eisenhower? Who the nazi, satani-c cab-al, that came to rule America, worshipped. Possibly the demonic castaway from Enoch’s story?
Baal. Baby sacrifice deity.
I mean, this brave American told us about aliens in the tunnel cities of Dulce,before his unjust death sentence.

https://twitter.com/silverkulwant/status/1253523979350016002?s=21 https://twitter.com/silverkulwant/status/1253523979350016002
I don’t know, but what, then, is Space Force for?

https://twitter.com/q_galt/status/1248719556832419841?s=21 https://twitter.com/q_galt/status/1248719556832419841
23/And, further, were medical technologies suppressed from the serfs and kept for the ruling class? Like UV light and healing beds?
https://twitter.com/vanessabitting/status/1253491696521883648?s=21 https://twitter.com/vanessabitting/status/1253491696521883648
I don’t know, as usual! But let’s ask Dr. Birx! Make sure you hide the camera across from her.

Bottom line:
The cab-al is evil, working with an alien evil, residing on Earth and now being evicted by the world’s most boisterous land lord.
https://twitter.com/cjtruth/status/1253673685979926529?s=21 https://twitter.com/cjtruth/status/1253673685979926529
PS- let’s not forget our first response. An amazingly well-crafted tale of false flagging us all with fake ETs and Project BlueBeam. Can he still be right?!
You betcha! Thanks Number 6!
https://twitter.com/fightingmonarch/status/1253624992656429061?s=21 https://twitter.com/FightingMonarch/status/1253624992656429061
✋ @davidicke
Check this out!

✋ @joerogan
C’mon, man! Look at this would ya?
And one last add on.
https://twitter.com/usnavy/status/1251274477855559685?s=21 https://twitter.com/USNavy/status/1251274477855559685
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