Star football player Bakugou and band geek Kirishima.

Kiri plays the trombone, Kami plays trumpet, Mina and Sero are cheerleaders. They're all super tight and Bakugou tags along with them to get ice cream after games because he "has nothing better to do"
The other football players all go to parties, but Bakugou (although he'd never admit it) prefers to hang out with the four idiots at midnight, eating ice cream and walking around the park.

At school, however, Bakugou pretends Kiri and Kami don't exist.
Football players don't hang out with nerds.

He'll occasionally acknowledge Mina and Sero, but it's usually because they're walking together to a pep rally.

Kiri will wave to Bakugou from the stands, but the blond doesn't look at him twice.
Kiri has such a big crush on Bakugou and it's super obvious. The red head considers quitting band so that the blond might hang out with him. Kami and Mina talk him out of it though.

Bakugou's parents go out of town so the jocks throw a huge party at his house.
He doesn't want to, but it's his turn to host a party and if he refuses the rest of the players would never let him live it down. His house is huge and his parents are chill about letting him drink, so the party goes wild.

Mina brings Kiri and Kami to the party.
Bakugou's doing body shots off one of the other cheerleaders because he was dared to. The blond is clearly drunk, loud and happy. He's flirting with Kirishima and the red head can barely take it.

Kirishima is just being dragging around by Bakugou, his face burning.
He doesn't even realize where Bakugou is taking him until the bedroom door closed behind him.
Cw: dub con, blow jobs

"Ok my little nerd, let's see what else that tongue can do"

Little. Bakugou called him /little/ despite the fact that Kiri was much larger than him in almost every way...

He also said /my/ nerd, possessively.
Kirishima was too stunned by the slurred words to process what was happening. Bakugou pushed him down onto his knees, the blond's cock straining in his compression shorts.

"Come on, Ei, I've been told band geeks are good with their mouths. Care to show me if that's true?"
This is the first time Kiri has been alone with Bakugou and his heart is pounding.

This is Bakugou "could fuck any guy he wants even the straight ones" Katsuki. The guy who won homecoming king every year since freshman year even though it was always supposed to go it a senior.
The guy that Kirishima has had a crush on since he was a shrimpy little twig in middle school. The guy who Kiri had taken one look at in 7th grade and said "oh fuck I'm gay"

/That/ guy's clothed erection was in his face and Kirishima had never sucked cock before.
"Aw are you shy? Would never have guessed from the way you are at games" he said, tilting Kiri's flushed face up and running his thumb over the red head's lips "fuck I got you after a game, your lips are all swollen from playing. I can't even look at your mouth most of the time"
Bakugou groaned and pushed his thumb pasted Kirishima's lips, tracing over the points of his teeth.

"Should've thrown a party a lot sooner, but I didn't think you'd come"

He pressed down on Kirishima's tongue, letting spit pool around his thumb. With his free has he started
To undo the ties on his pants. Bakugou was still wearing his football pants from the game, sweaty and covered in dirt and grass.

"I've seen you stare, I know you want it."

The blond had to use both hands to peel his pants off. Kirishima swallowed thickly, staring.
"So are you gonna suck my cock or what?"
Kirishima was gonna explode.

"I-I-I..." how do words work again? Fuck "I've never done this before..."

"Really? I was basically an orgy on the band bus after games? Is it that what you horny dorks do?"

Kirishima just stared at Bakugou, face red and jaw dropped.
Bakugou ran his fingers through his sweaty blond hair "well that's disappointing"

He started to pull his pants back up, but Kirishima grabbed his hands to stop him.

"I can try! I want to try!"

"Really?" Bakugou smirked and took his pants off all the way, almost falling over
When the they caught on his cleats.

He hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his compression shorts.

"Wait! Uh... Can I?" Kirishima asked, chewing on the inside of his cheek.

Bakugou licked his lips and crossed his arms, pushing his hips closer to Kiri's face "Go ahead"
With trembling hands Kirishima reached up and slowly pulled off Bakugou's compression shorts, heavy lidded eyes following the blond happy trail down. His erection sprung free, standing at full attention in front of the red head's face, twitching with his pulse.
Holy fuck was there anything about Bakugou that wasn't perfect.

"You just gonna drool over it or are you gonna suck it?" The blond sounded smug.

"Y-yeah" Kirishima wrapped his fingers around the base, it was hot in his hand "M gonna s-suck it"
Bakugou rocked his hips, and Kiri watched a bead of pre form at the tip. He looked up at the blond nervously and stuck his tongue out.

Bakugou moaned before Kiri even licked him, eyes locked onto his mouth as the red head swirled his tongue around his cock head experimentally.
"Do it tease me" the blond breathed, hands tightening on his biceps as he struggled to keep his arms crossed.

Kirishima had never seen Bakugou look so flustered, his face flushed, and eyebrows knitted together. His jaw was clenched tightly, the muscles in his face twitching.
The red head wished he had more experience with this kind of thing. He didn't want to look like an idiot.

What if he did a bad job and Bakugou told the whole football team? Then the whole school would know...

"You're over thinking this" the blond huffed
"Calm down. Do you want me to do you first?"

Bakugou rolled his eyes and dropped to a crouch. His face was less than an inch from Kirishima's.

"Stand up" Kiri could feel his hot breath against his lips.

The red head felt light headed, but he stood up. He couldn't look down at how the tent in his shorts was
Right next to Bakugou's face. The blond pulled striped them off without a second thought.

"W-wait I didn't get a chance to shower after the game" Kirishima stammered.

Bakugou looked up before burying his face in Kirishima's pubes and inhaling deeply. The red head whimpered,
Head falling back against the door with a thud.

"Smells fine to me, shitty hair" Bakugou smirked, stoking Kirishima's length before wrapping his lips around the head and sucking hard
Kiris moaned, quickly squeezing the base of his cock with one hand and pushing Bakugou off with the other to keep from cumming in the spot. He took a few seconds to calm down before looking down at the blond.

Bakugou looked offended, glaring at his dick and then up at his face.
"What? is that not good enough for you?" He growled.

Oh shit. No, no, no!

"That's not-"

"Shut the fuck up, I'll show you."

The blond smacked kiri's hand off his dick before pinning his wrists against the door.

"Think since you have a monster cock I can't take you?"
Monster cock?

"Bakugou that's not why-"

The blond cut him off by swallowing him down his throat, taking him all the way to the hilt, burying his face in his pubes.

Kiri felt his soul leave his body, his eyes rolling back as he felt Bakugou's throat tighten around his cock
He couldn't stop himself from cumming down the blond's throat with a groan. Bakugou's hands clamping down on his wrists as he swallowed, an audible gulp came after every spurt of cum. Kirishima's whined when Bakugou pulled off, wiping his lips as he looked up at the red head.
"Fucking told you" he rasped, standing back up and puffing out his chest "now your turn"

Kirishima nodded and watched Bakugou sit on the edge of his bed, leaning back in one arm and jerking himself off slowly.
"Come on" Bakugou grunted, stripping off his jersey "we don't all all night"

Kirishima almost didn't hear him, he was too distracted by the blond's naked body. He was practically drooling as he gazed at Bakugou's large chest, the defined edge of his muscles and his waist
Fuck his waist! It was so small.

"Oi, why are you eye fucking me when you could actually fuck me" Bakugou snapped, crossing his arms again

"When I could be...?"

Holy shit. HOLY SHIT!

Kirishima was at the bed in seconds, half sliding on his knees as he put himself between
Bakugou's legs. His dick was already hard again as he grabbed the blond's hips and wrapped his lips around his length, sucking like Bakugou had done to him before.

"Fuck" he gasped, putting his hand on the back of Kirishima's head and pushing him further down on his length
"That's more like it"
Bakugou held Kirishima's head in place as he thrust up into his mouth, choking the red head with his dick as he fucked deep into his mouth. He cursed and fell back, wrapping one leg over Kirishima's shoulders locking the red head in place as he thrust into his throat.
Bakugou was babbling something, but Kirishima couldn't hear it over his over slurping and gagging sounds. He was doing his best to breath through his nose as the blond sped up.

Suddenly Bakugou jerked Kirishima's head back by his hair, pulling him off his length.
The red head hissed, hand instinctively trying to pry Bakugou's hand away.

"M gonna cum" the blond slurred, his eyes heavy and red as the last couple of shots finally started to hit him "Don't swallow though I wanna see"
Kirishima gasped and coughed, but have a weak thumbs up right before Bakugou pushed him all the way down on his cock again, thrusting deep and fast before pulling out. He fisted his length, stoking as fast as he could until he came with a bitten off curse.
Kirishima closed his eyes and stuck out his tongue, flinching as ropes if hot cum landed over his face and tongue.

"Fuuuck, yeah... stay like that, one sec"

He heard some shuffling around and Bakugou's weight shifting.
"Bakugou?" Kirishima asked, opening his eyes slightly to look at the blond, but instead he saw the other boy's phone in his face.

"What are you doing?" He asked, falling back on his ass and ducking his face "Bakugou what the hell?"

"A souvenir for later"

"Dude delete that!"
Bakugou frowned and held his phone against his chest, protecting it.

"No it's mine"


Kirishima climbed onto the bed, grabbing for the phone while the blond laughed and wrestled with him. The red head found himself pinned with his arms above his head.
"Bakugou, come on dude don't show anyone! If every one starts talking about it it'll get to my parents! They don't understand I-"
Bakugou flatten his tongue and licked Kirishima from his chin to his temple, collecting his own cum before shoving it into the red head's mouth. Kiri moaned in surprise, eyes wide as the blond kiss him, rutting his half hard cock against his stomach.
Bakugou pulled back, a string of spit still connecting there lips.

"Like I'd let anyone else see you like that, that picture is for /me/" the blond lean back and bit Kirishima's neck, sucking a hickey in to his skin.
"O-oh" he breathed, letting his head fall to the site as Bakugou began to mark up his neck with an excessive amount of hickeys.

The blond laid down on top of Kirishima, shoving his hands under and around him.

"The only thing they'll get to see are the marks I leave behind"
Bakugou nipped at his skin and Kirishima squirmed, breathing hard.

"Bakugou" he moaned "holy shit"

"Mmm you like that?" He bit down harder, causing Kiri to gasp "You make such pretty noises"
Bakugou sat back up on his knees, putting their erections together and squeezing. They moaned in unison as Bakugou pulled out his phone again, shifting it back and forth between their ducks and Kirishima's face.

"A-are you recording?"

"Yeah I am" Bakugou replied breathlessly
"Why? Bakugou, come on" Kirishima covered his face.

"Noooo, lemme see you" Bakugou whined grabbing at Kirishima's hands "I wanna see you"


They started wrestling again, the alcohol gave Kirishima an advance and he landed on top this time, snatching away the phone.
"Give it back! I'm serious!"

"Why are you recording?"

"/Because/! Kirishima give it back!"
"Because you won't like me anymore when you're sober! Now give it back!"

Kirishima froze "W-what?"

Bakugou took advantage of his confusion to flip them over and take the phone back. He sat on Kirishima's chest, knees pinning the red head's arms
As he balanced his phone carefully on the nightstand.

"Wanna 69?" Bakugou asked with a smirk

"What? No, Bakugou, what do you mean I won't like you when I'm sober? I didn't drink tonight-"

"Will you suck me off again? I only got the one picture"

"Come on~" Bakugou rubbed the tip over Kirishima's swollen lips "practice makes perfect right?"

"Bakugou..." The red head groaned, sticking his tongue out for the other boy to rut against.

"That's right" the blond bit his lip as be pushed his cock in to Kirishima's mouth
He thrust in once before pull back out and turning around, keeping Kirishima's arms pinned under his knees.

"We need to ta-" Kirishima started but the blond pushed his dick back into his mouth and bent over to swirl his tongue around the red head's length.
"Just let me have you tonight" he whispered before bobbing up and down on Kiri's cock, spit dripping down his balls and pooling underneath them.

The red head moaned around Bakugou, hands straining to touch him.
Kirishima was already close to coming again, he started rolling his hips up into the blond's throat. He managed to wriggle his arms free, grabbing Bakugou's tiny waist and flipping them over.

"We need to talk" Kirishima gasped, sitting back up.
The blond's nails dug into Kirishima's hips pulling him deeper into his throat and holding him there. The red head keened, touching the outline of his cock in Bakugou's throat before trying to pull out.
Bakugou held on tightly, rocking Kirishima's hips himself.

"Fuck, Bakugou!" He fell onto his forearms and reached for the phone.

The blond gurgled in response and mixed his arms faster, swallowing around Kirishima's length.
He just barely reached the phone, when he flipped it he found that it had time out. Kirishima pulled out to let Bakugou breath but the blond sucked hard to keep him in his mouth.

The red head cursed and finally gave in, fucking Bakugou's throat until he came again.
Kirishima rolled off of him and clicked the home button on the blond's phone. He was greeted by a picture of himself during a halftime show, so blurry it was almost impossible to tell it was Kirishima, he could only tell because of the yard line he was standing on.
"I'm your lock screen?"

"/fuck/ no give that back!"

"It's me!"

Bakugou's face was bright red, shiny with spit and sweat as he reached for his phone, clawing at Kirishima's arm as the red head held it out of reach.
"It's just the band playing! It's a good picture"

"It is /not/ a good picture" Kirishima laughed as Bakugou wrestled him off the bed "here, stop, uncle. Uncle!"

The red head wiggled out from underneath the blond as he pouted on the ground. He crawled over to his phone and
Unlocked it, pulling up a similar picture that was much clearer.

"You can have this one" Kirishima said handing his phone to Bakugou.
The blond scowled but took the phone and sent the picture to himself before scrolling through more of Kirishima's pictures.

"Hey, hey! Dont!" Now it was Bakugou's turn to play keep away, stumbling naked around his room while Kirishima laugh ed uncomfortably and chased him
"I want all of these" Bakugou announced shoving the phone back in Kirishima's face, showing the red head his own nudes
Kirishima choked on his spit and reached snatched the phone back.

"O-only if I can have yours"

A few seconds later Kirishima's got 20 new text messages from Bakugou.
Ok I can either end the thread all cute and shit tonight or I can add more sexy and some aftermath with possible angst that will add plot and probably not finish for a week lol
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