yoongi being a mood: a thread.
i don't exist in yoongi's eyes.
a part time comedian-
yoongi is me 24/7.
a relatable king.
im crying please yoongifsfjdfk
there's never a moment where yoongi isn't relatable and a mood.
this run episode remains top tier because of him.
me too yoongi, me too.
even breathing should be considered as an exercise.
i hate phone calls with every cell in my body.
an accurate representation of me when school ends:
living got me like,,,
the only intellectual ever.
if that ain't me in family functions and get togethers.
<insert: keyboard smash>
and scene.
no man can ever replace yoongi in my life. the way he's so relatable and funny as well as passionate, hardworking and wise. yoongi is the only man to exist- periodt.

[ps i love you and im proud of you.]
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