I am trying to collate details of all #mentalhealth #researchstudies about #COVID19 #pandemic in this thread.
It will be useful to have details of all mental health research study in one place .

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Coronerve study

@NeuroCov is looking into neuropsychiatric manifestations in patients infected with #COVID19

RAMP study :

The Repeated Assessment of Mental health in Pandemics (RAMP) study aims to measure the mental health and wellbeing of the population throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and examine what factors influence these changes https://osf.io/7p2ek/ 
MHPRU survey

Survey to collate rapid evidence on what's helping and what's not in relation to COVID-19.

Covida study

Looking into psychological impact of #covid19 ourbreak in #HealthCareWorkers & we also ask if staff have experienced any #positive developments such as feeling more motivated & feeling more valued.

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