I have personally benefited from the lots of wisdom @NaijaFlyingDr shares in her threads.

Because the wisdoms are ageless, they tend to "get lost" in the ocean of other tweets with time.

Below is a compilation of some timeless thread you should always revisit.

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1. Perseverance Birthed Flying Doctors. You Can Use It To Birth Other Things https://twitter.com/NaijaFlyingDr/status/1159063037506199552?s=19
2. Burn The Building or Manage Your Emotions https://twitter.com/NaijaFlyingDr/status/1127861172940738560?s=19
3. Building Better Relationships https://twitter.com/NaijaFlyingDr/status/1120592965284528128?s=19
4. The University of YouTube https://twitter.com/NaijaFlyingDr/status/977927948132143104?s=19
5. On Buffet: Natural Talent Sees Things Differently, Else Be Data Driven https://twitter.com/NaijaFlyingDr/status/1196714987789705216?s=19
6. Help For The Female To Attain Financial Independence.

It can help all wo/men of all races but was designed for women. https://twitter.com/NaijaFlyingDr/status/991431772322742272?s=19
7. Four Path To Becoming A Millionaire https://twitter.com/NaijaFlyingDr/status/1181947670824460288?s=19
8. Advice On Yoga
For those who are considering it or want to know more about it. https://twitter.com/NaijaFlyingDr/status/1201435933654028288?s=19
9. Women Should Write More https://twitter.com/NaijaFlyingDr/status/997384712917221377?s=19
10. What You Need May Not Be A Mentor https://twitter.com/NaijaFlyingDr/status/1066889036508422144?s=19
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