One thing that is certain in the moving mosaic of developments that is #Libya is that the precarious status quo that existed in the country has been destroyed.

The majority of Libyans today can barely get by as they do not have access to cash, electricity, fuel & basic services.
In the past 2 wks:
🔸Protests erupted outside banks in the east
🔸Civilians in #Tripoli took up arms after a militia member murdered a local
🔸A group in the south cut water supplies to negotiate a prisoner release

Divided as they may be, Libyans are united in their frustration.
Unless swift and decisive action is taken to mitigate the current situation, we will see further fragmentation of #Libya’s socioeconomic landscape and the destruction of the few threads that, until now, have miraculously kept the country from spiralling into total chaos.
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