That lone parent families were not thought about regarding covid welfare payments is indicative of a wider problem with how the Irish State engages with, and treats lone parents.
Lone parents get less tax relief than 2 parent families, those with children over 7 are expected to
work or train without adequate, high quality childcare provided for their 7+ year olds. The small financial support these parents got towards childcare is being taken off them in order to give fund childcare relief for 2 parent families.
Lone parents, people with disabilities &
those living in direct Provision are the most financially disadvantaged people living in Ireland today.
If a judge orders matianence be paid by the father, social welfare takes that sum from the mother's payment REGARDLESS OF IF THE FATHER PAYS OR NOT.
The State does not bother enforcing matianence payments. Social welfare does not accept anything other than a court order re matianence but the Gardai do not enforce the orders. Where does this leave lone parent families?
Unable to clothe themselves, heat their houses or eat.
The State were able to quickly provide a living subsidy for people who lost their jobs due to covid 19 but in all the years since the birth of the Irish State they haven't done the same for lone parents?
HOW is that fair or reasonable?
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