25 April 2020 - #MAGAAnalysis #PardonFlynnNow

@GenFlynn has spoken.

The left is trying to decimate this story. It cannot, it will simply not be able to do so. We'll first discuss semantics, and then see if we can't tease from this story what is most important. https://twitter.com/GenFlynn/status/1253868533580279809
2) I have to ask, regarding semantics, if anyone recalls requesting to be pardoned from the dinner table. As a boy, I lived under a strong rule. You stayed there, at the table till everyone else was finished. It was an obligation.
3) I don't recall wishing to be dismissed from the table, that would have felt like being shunned. I didn't need to be exonerated due to my boyish impatience, struggling under my burden. I needed simply to be pardoned. I'd done nothing wrong. I just needed to be allowed to leave.
4) I imagine that language, evolving as it does, has shifted from the term "pardoned" to the term "excused." Yes son, you may be excused. That could easily have been said. But, it's important to note, that that is NOT what was told to me as a boy. I was told, you may be pardoned.
5) But how could any of these terms even matter, in light of @GenFlynn's story? I say they matter greatly. The passion I hear, here on Twitter, is profound. Nothing less than full exoneration, I hear, complete dismissal. A pardon is deemed to depend upon admission of guilt.
6) I find it important to repeat that a pardon does NOT require admission of guilt. In legal fact it restores its recipient to innocence, pure as new snow. That it may be due 100% to innocence originally cannot be disputed, in fact. Yeah. Semantics.
7) But these semantics matter. Enter @realDonaldTrump. He has the full power of pardon, unlimited by any qualification. Yes, he certainly may pardon the guilty, for any reason he decides. But, this vast power, the least limited in our Constitutional Republic, is his to wield.
8) What the other side does NOT want you to know or understand, is that @POTUS may absolutely pardon by reason of innocence, due to egregious government misconduct. Semantically, it is important that you follow the elements here.
9) The only thing @POTUS need do, in order to pardon by innocence, is say so. He simply says, the government's behavior in this case is so egregiously wrong, that I refuse to allow it to perpetrate this heinous injustice. You are pardoned, @GenFlynn, you may be excused.
10) I am often asked, but wouldn't that mean that no culpability to the perpetrators of this heinous injustice might then follow? Nay. Nay. Nay. You get the idea. Should our great president decide, even now, to pardon, that would absolutely be the beginning of justice.
11) But enough of semantics, there is a great story here to be told, to be heard, to be understood. @GenFlynn has spoken. Within his words lies a Shakespearean tragedy. It is a story of betrayal and deceit by the most powerful in the land.
12) We require a principle if we are to unpack this story. Here it is. It comes, believe it or not, from Immanuel Kant. He gave us a principle of morality, of ethics. He teaches us that no man should ever be merely the means to another man's ends. Each man is an end unto himself.
13) @GenFlynn is certainly a target. He is, after @realDonaldTrump, the most dangerous man in the world. The Democrats, the left, the swamp, they hate him with a fierce and furious passion. They detest and abhor him. He is their target.
14) For all that, he is only a means to their end, to them. They don't actually care about him. He might be a mere consolation prize, and acceptable as such, which is saying something. But he is NOT their actual target. The infamous McCabe explained all this long ago.
15) With slight editing, McCabe told us: first we get Flynn, then we get Trump.

If you take nothing else from our story today, try to remember that. They never went after Flynn in order to get Flynn, delicious as that treat might have been. They went after Flynn to get Trump.
16) To the other side - and they are evil in every sense of that word - Flynn is ONLY a tool to get to Trump. They have NO respect for Flynn's rights. They have no respect for the rule of law. Let's go straight there. The first bad guy is Robert Kelner, and he is scum.
17) I enter the story here for a brief moment, personally. General Flynn's defense fund was my original idea. I wrote up an analysis, and I danced with Mr. Kelner through all of his opposition, personally. We didn't spend much time, but enough. He hated me.
18) I knew in that moment that he was the enemy. Why did he hate me? Why did he oppose the idea of Gen Flynn's defense fund? The Cui Bono reason is so simple. The defense fund might have reduced his power of Gen Flynn. He was clearly on the other side.
19) I exit the stage rapidly now. Well, the defense fund was so well conceived that even Kelner could not prevent its birthing. But sadly, its aid to Gen Flynn was not sufficient to protect him from the one lawyer in America who most deserves to be disbarred.
20) Personally, I favor positive hashtags to negative ones. Still, I'll have to contemplate this one:


What do you think? Not so much of the hashtag but of the truth underlying. Kelner must be disbarred.
21) Did you read Gen Flynn's statement? It was Kelner who betrayed Flynn. His sole objective was to support the prosecution. He misled Flynn at every step. His sole goal was to win the case for the Special Prosecutor. Kelner was Mueller's man. Against Flynn.
22) Mueller? Who is this man? Truth is, I have no clue. I didn't know he headed up the FBI for, what, 11 years or so? I wasn't paying that level of attention back then. Did you know him? I didn't know anything about delivering Uranium to Russia in an FBI jet. Did you?
23) I don't know this man Mueller. At all. But I do know that he discredited himself. How? By prosecuting the greatest hoax in American presidential history. Did Bill Clinton have sex with that woman? Yeah, no way to question that, is there? He did. Starr, by the way, was a wimp.
24) The crime of Bill Clinton was never sex. Not even oral sex in the Oval Office, while on the phone doing presidential business. That's not actually a crime. She was, remember, precisely 21 and obviously a very consenting adult. Starr's failure was to prosecute perjury.
25) Do you know - most of our MAGA people do - that Clinton was disbarred over all this? Yeah. A sitting president faces a federal judge, purgers himself, and we're still not able to impeach him. Wow. Starr was a wimp. Mueller was an idiot. A partially useful idiot.
26) Every aspect of Mueller's investigation was criminal. In a just system, Mueller would face prosecution. He'd be convicted. He'd end up, due to the length of his sentence, dying in prison. He's not young. He would not, however, be executed by solitary confinement.
27) I have not strayed from topic. Paul Manafort may have committed crimes. I'm not judging. I did not follow his case and cannot judge. But, let's assume he did commit crimes, okay? Does he deserve execution by solitary confinement? This is cruel and unusual punishment.
28) Note the connection to Gen Flynn. Had he not pled a deal, he was facing execution by solitary confinement. Are you connecting the dots? Mueller is very possibly the worst criminal to ever inhabit the role of special prosecutor. Mueller is Gestapo. Face it.
29) I'm telling you. I know Gen Flynn. He'd have died in a heart beat for his nation, for his family. Watching his son die, legally or otherwise, that's a different manner. Every mafia thug on earth knows you bend a man's will by his family, if he's an honorable man.
30) A dishonorable man can easily be bent by the slightest advantage offered or discomfort threatened. If you wish to break an honorable man, place a gun at his child's forehead. But, in reading Gen Flynn's story, we know that even that was not enough, powerful as it was.
31) No, loving father as he was, you had to do more to extract a false confession of guilt out of Gen Flynn. You had to make him falsely believe he had unwittingly committed a crime. Walk it through. Lies can be very technical. It sometimes takes a lawyer to define a lie.
32) It was Kelner's job to persuade Gen Flynn he had lied to the FBI. Kelner succeeded. Gen Flynn had countless conversations. He allowed the FBI, McCabe and Comey, to send in a couple of agents on the 4th day of his new job. He met with them in trust.
33) He answered their questions honestly. In their 302, they stated so. Both McCabe and Comey testified to Congress that Flynn answered honestly. But, when Mueller's henchmen, his SS Lawyers, attacked Flynn, they insisted that Flynn lied, all evidence to the contrary.
34) This is the key moment. How did Mueller's Gestapo attorneys persuade Flynn, who knew he had not lied, to believe that he did? How did they do that? Stalin's tactics must be remembered. Let's pause on that. Who remembers Lavrentiy Beria? Stalin's man.
35) Go slowly now. Seriously. Here is Beria's most famous dictum. Take it in, carefully.

"Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime."

What does this mean? To understand Gen Flynn's story, we must be able to answer that question. What does this mean?
36) In Gen Flynn's case it is this simple. A man tells the truth to Federal Agents. Make him believe he lied, unwittingly. Threaten himself and his family - his family is the power point - and get him to confess to a crime he now thinks, wrongly, he actually committed.
37) The facts are in. We now know. Gen Flynn DID NOT LIE TO THE FBI. Rather, the FBI, the DOJ, Judge Sullivan's court and - and this matters - most of all, the abominable Robert Kelner LIED TO Gen Flynn. You have to painfully linger there. Who was Robert Kelner?
38) Among many other honors and strengths of reputation, Robert Kelner was one of our nation's greatest and most respected legal minds over, yes, FARA. Kelner is the guy you hire when a question of Registering as an Agent of a Foreign Nation is at hand.
39) There are lots and lots of weeds in this story that we might easily get lost within. Take my word for it. The FARA thing is a big deal, but its got too many weeds for our focus right now. Flynn was NEVER a foreign agent. Never. Turkey had NO influence on Flynn.
40) Another time, we'll map out precisely how the Obama administration planted Turkish agents in Flynn's world in order to entrap him. Tons of details. Again, I request, take my word for it, Flynn did nothing, NOT ONE THING, on behalf of Turkey or in betrayal of America.
41) So, here's Kelner. The greatest FARA attorney in DC. And here's Flynn. He now has, and who knows how this happened (I do, but as I said, that's another story), a FARA problem. Who to hire? Of course. Robert Kelner. Covington Burling. No one has a better reputation.
42) It's so tempting to go into the details of how attorneys like Kelner win their power. Of how the government sets up requirements that it only uses at its will, and for the benefit of the swamp, the deep state, the deep swamp itself. FARA is at the top of that list. I promise.
43) Returning though to our villain, and villain he is, Kelner was hired to protect Flynn, ensuring that Flynn in NO WAY failed to complete his registration responsibilities, to include, the NON-need to file, if, in fact, he didn't. I know, that's a complicated thought. Linger.
44) Are you, are are you not, a foreign agent? This is not as easy to answer as it seems. You get money from a Danish company, to do research. The research may be deemed to benefit another nation, like Turkey. Are you a Turkish agent? The plot thickens...
45) What if Turkey paid the Danish company in order to hire you? What if this was all hidden to you? And more! What if the research job was 100% legitimate? Are you following? If you didn't know that Turkey gave your direct client the money to hire you, then, what are you?
46) Are you, unwittingly, a foreign agent? Do you, although you don't realize it, need to register? How do you find out? Who do you turn to? You turn to Robert Kelner. Yeah, he's very expensive. But, he's reputed to be the best in the business. So of course, you hire him.
47) Friends, if you wish to understand the left's attack against Donald Trump, you need to understand this. I now it's complicated. I know it's hard to follow. I struggle to follow it, and I have been there in every step and twist and turn of this evil thing. It's not easy.
48) But there's no requirement of truth that it be easy to understand. If you wish just one bad guy, your guy is Obama. He's the guy who put all this into motion. Obviously, he was not the guy who forced Gen Flynn into a false confession. That was Robert Kelner.
49) We have to go there. Gen Flynn's confession was false. We can't whitewash that. He surrendered. If you read his own words, you'll see that that is a regret he will hold the rest of his life. He should not have falsely confessed. He did. And we must judge his honor thereby.
50) But before we throw any stones in our own glass houses, we MUST understand Robert Kelner's role, completely. He actually persuaded Gen Flynn that he was, in actual fact - falsely of course - guilty. That was Kelner's job. Evidently, Kelner is pretty good at his job.
51) Now you need to really go there. Here's this guy. He's got a law degree. He's gotten himself positioned in one of the most powerful law firms in the world. He's a basically Republican kind of guy, but clearly on the RINO side, before anyone uses that term. He's a Bush guy.
52) Along comes Gen Flynn. Why? Due to FARA, your specialty. But, why does he come, at all? Well, there's this Mueller investigation going on. Who do you speak to? You speak to people on the Mueller team. You learn the details and the mandate. That's Kelner.
53) Gen Flynn will always regret that he falsely confessed. Our job is this. We must judge Gen Flynn. And, before we do that, we must put ourselves in his shoes. And, we must look at this Kelner fellow. Would you know how to protect yourself against such a traitor?
54) You know where I stand. Gen Flynn is a hero. In the worst moments of his life, he never hesitated for a moment to do the hardest things asked of him, on behalf of his family and his nation. He was my hero, already, before all this happened. He's more my hero now.
55) For me, his honor is flawless. I can't actually imagine being betrayed by Robert Kelner as he was. But I know that there's an historical example. Judas Iscariot. When the person you depend upon betrays you. Kelner is a Judas. Pure and simple.
56) But I don't need to blame Kelner. He is just who he is. All nations have always had them. He's nothing new. Rather, I need to get to the heart of our story. Why was Gen Flynn attacked, so falsely, at all?
57) We shift focus for a moment. @realDonaldTrump commenced his endeavor to STOP China in its theft of American wealth the moment he commenced his presidency. We can discuss details again, if we need, but I've analyzed this in depth previously. The answer is the WTO.
58) The moment Trump was elected, he began his determined effort to thwart China's perpetual theft of American wealth. And, he did so with genius tactics in the destruction of the WTO, and of the power of China's Most Favored Nation trading status there.
59) Make no mistake. This strategy succeeded. China's economy has been in freefall ever since. And, without theft, and without economic corruption, the Communist Party of China cannot live. Trump is their greatest existential threat, ever.
60) I say this to you. China bought Obama. China has purchased all our presidents since, at least, HW Bush 41. Clearly, there is severe question about Nixon. But, obviously, China and Carter were in bed together. And then, think Bush and Tiananmen Square. Brent Scowcroft.
61) Famously, in the 3rd Godfather film, Don Michael states, "The true face of our enemy has not revealed itself." Yet, of course it had, we were just slow to recognize it. So also with America. What is the true face of our enemy? It is China. It has revealed itself.
62) The story really is easy to follow. The American left followed Soviet Moscow's leadership until it died. In that very moment, call it 1991 or so, the leadership shifted to Beijing. From then till now, the American left follows Beijing's will. Obama belonged to them.
63) It is Beijing who fears, more passionately than anything they've ever feared, that Trump will be reelected. It is Beijing who controls our American left. It was Beijing's will that attacked Gen Flynn. Believe me, they are that strategic.
64) Yet again, dangerous as Gen Flynn is, it is Trump they are attacking. And, by attacking Trump they are attacking us, middle America, the core of the MAGA Movement. We who elected Trump, we Americans, We The People, it is we who are their ultimate target.
65) So, what's our story? Gen Flynn helps Donald Trump get elected, as on other person could have helped him. Gen Flynn knows the entirety of global conflict, and knows how to win on the global field of conflict. He helps Trump get elected. He must be taken down.
66) A legal challenge is initiated. A specific type of challenge, one that will lead Gen Flynn to hire Robert Kener. Kelner is a held asset. He employs all his powers, and yes, he coerces a false guilty plea from Flynn. He has done his job. Yet, even still, Trump does not fall.
67) General Flynn is a hero. It is right here in our story where his heroism is established as never before. He never, never ever, betrays his leader. Try to imagine Mueller's goons in their frustration. They've bent Flynn to their will, yet still, no betrayal.
68) Yet again, linger. They've bent Gen Flynn's will by a false case, making him think he was guilty when he 100% was not. So, having him there, they're 100% certain he'll betray Trump. He doesn't. He never betrays Trump or America. That's precisely what they can't imagine.
69) If you're a guy like Kelner, you can persuade Flynn he did something wrong when he didn't. He's vulnerable that way. But, even then, you CANNOT persuade Flynn to betray his nation. And, thereby, you fail. The left has failed. Flynn is...exonerated.
70) No, I won't return to semantics. I'll only say, truth has a way. Truth wins. It finds a way. Gen Flynn's perfect innocence and flawless patriotism has found a way. I bow in all this, to the goodness of a good man. Go figure. Goodness counts. Goodness wins.
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