1 @AUThackeray ji Indeed plan to revival of for tourism is must,
India as whole lacks in infrastructure for NAUTICAL TOURISM please go through that
Please study Croatia's or Miami NAUTICAL TOURISM model

It will open very frontier in tourism in Maharashtra
2) entire Maharashtra coastline falls on strategic position where where wealthy yachts and Cruise's travel from West (Europe) to East (Singapore, China or Hong Kong)

Well equipped Marina's and and well promoted yacht show like Monaco yatch show (Maharashtra Yacht show)
3 would really help to attract creamy layer high spending tourists in Maharashtra via sea route

Entire Maharashtra your can be arranged from Marina's itself with pick up n drop facility

In it could show various aspects of Maharashtritan culture m cuisine
4 as these tourists mostly come from affluent class unlike average tourists . Their spending n consumption capacity would also be much higher than their counter parts

Also partnership with private bussiness n institution would increase this eco system exponentially
@valsanair & @iAditiTatkare ma'am please go through this thread
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