1. I don't think @YeleSowore have the mental ability to intellectually comprehend or articulate the radical solutions he thinks Nigeria needs against the situational reality of Nigeria.
He wants to be a democratic President who expunged the Senate without the help of the Senate.
2. He wants to be the democratic elected President who disband the DSS without amending the laws which backs the entrenchment of the DSS.

He wants to stop Governors from buying exotic cars without wanting to discuss how he would navigate encroachment of separation of powers.
3. He wants to employ 600k nurses without wanting to discuss their funding, training, welfare and where the heck the nurses are coming from?

Not one of his ideas is backed by research or a readily made data empricity which may be reworked when things don't work in practice.
4. This reminds me of one 2019 Presidential candidate, who said he was going to lay off 500k FG workers and use the resources to employ 500k police workforce with a total disregard for the situational realities of the NLC and the multiplying effects of unemploying 500k workers.
5. Apart from the fact that such an action would definitely ground his government with all manners of strikes, he would end up losing 500k votes and its adjoining sentimental voters way before the elections.

That was never a good idea to contemplate and articulate.
6. if @YeleSowore removed the Senate, how is he going to pass his budgets?
Wouldn't he spend 99% of time fighting off impeachment attempts once NASS know of his plans?

If he decides to use force in power, how would he be different from the Abacha he claimed he fought against?
7. Methodology is very key when applying solutions to problems and one of the most useful information to have is the establishment of ground truths.

I will tell you for free, one of the major problems that dazed the @MBuhari administration upon assumption of office...
8. ...was realising that, the situational reality which they envisaged of Nigeria was much more dire than what they had thought they would work with.

This was the reason why the President inaugurated the Ahmed Joda Committee to re-establish the actual truths on ground.
9.Quite a number of Nigerians are very vast at critiquing ideas without malice, particularly when it comes to matters which directly affects them.

Therefore what people like Sowore should be aspiring to do, is to make themselves and their ideas available for critiquing.
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