#QAnon "Sometimes a leak turns into a flood."
A #QArmy of digital soldiers, @GenFlynn!

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3. Gov refused @GenFlynn's exculpatory Brady material for years and according to the Daily Caller, FBI Director Wray -fought- to prevent his exculpatory evidence from coming to truth! Now says, oh well, it "was a misunderstanding or a garble of some sort”. https://dailycaller.com/2020/04/24/doj-fbi-officials-director-christopher-wray-did-not-withhold-brady-material-in-mike-flynn-case-has-been-nothing-but-cooperative/
4. "Of some sort", indeed. "The documents are filed under seal", to keep them from US, but attorney Sidney Powell had Flynn file a declaration revealing the truth! https://www.scribd.com/document/444791080/Flynn-Declaration#download&from_embed
5. With (some of) the exculpatory documentation finally in front of him for the General to see, tonight he makes his declaration, tweeting for the first time since September 2017: https://twitter.com/GenFlynn/status/1253868533580279809 #QAnon #Q
6. Now its out, Flynn declares that, certainly, he would not have relented into being pressured to falsely plead guilty to avoid his son and he getting the "Manafort treatment", had his lawyers told him that the FBI agents that interviewed him knew he's true. #QAnon #Q
7. Get this: His deep state lawyers pushed on him the "'say-what-they-want' approach", while bilking him of millions, losing his house, asking General Flynn at the outset whether he "had anything" on President Trump because that would provide "much leverage with 'the government'"
8. Meanwhile: Christopher Steele said in a deposition last month his email accounts for the #dossier project were "wiped" in early 2017.

He also said he does not have documentation of his briefings with his lone dossier source: https://twitter.com/DocRock1007/status/1251512106656112641
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